Why is Dr. Deb Walters kayaking over 2,500 miles?     

  • To tell the story of the children living in the Guatemala City garbage dump community
  • To share how inspiring the mothers are who labor with grit and perserverence for a better life for their children
  • To talk about the success of the Safe Passage model school that fosters critical thinking, self sufficiency and confidence.
  • To raise funds for additional grades for the school

How will Deb engage people in the Safe Passage story?

  • By using a daily blog and other social media
  • By giving presentations to schools and other groups in small towns
  • By speaking at larger events in cities along the route
  • By youth participating in art workshops to tell their own stories of perseverance


Starting July 2014 and continuing for a year.



What's the route?

Deb is staying close to shore from Yarmouth, Maine to mid New Jersey and then following the Intracoastal Waterway to Florida. To avoid the possibility of armed attacks on small craft in Mexico, Deb will travel from Florida to Belize aboard the sailing vessel Polaris with Bernie Horn, President of Polaris Capital Management, and Rich Howe, Safe Passage Board President. For the final stretch Deb will kayak along a barrier reef and open coast to Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

Who is Deb?

Dr. Deb Walters is a grandmother from Maine, retired scientist and university leader,Rotarian, Safe Passage Board Member, and kayaking adventurer.  Her previous solo kayaking expeditions were in the Arctic, along the Atlantic coasts in the Northeast and the Maritimes, and through tropical waters in Mexico.

How can you get involved?

Deb is undertaking a couragous mission, but it would not be possible without the help and support of our sponsors and a host of wonderful volunteers.  Deb will be carrying her food, water and gear for camping, but would welcome offers of a bed along the way.  To host Deb, or help out in other ways, click here.  You can also sponsor per milefollow the blogfind events to attendread articles and stories, and learn about our generous corporate sponsors.